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My Specialties

Working with Stepparents

I have heard many parents say that being a parent is the hardest job you’ll ever have in life, but I disagree.  I believe that being a stepparent is significantly more challenging than being just a parent.  Stepparents are in a difficult predicament.   They are put into the role of being a parent yet told that they shouldn’t parent and told everything that they are able to do is never good enough or flat out wrong.  Stepparents are consistently criticized and are never really shown appreciation for being additional supports in the child’s life. They tend to be left out of co-parenting conversations and left on the back burner when it comes to the children they love and care for. If you’re looking for support to help you with transitioning into this role or are looking to find peace with the role of a stepparent, I am here to help support you.  I too am a stepparent and have first-hand knowledge of the challenges that stepparents face.

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Working with Adolescents

I ABSOLUTELY enjoy working with adolescents/teenagers.  I find teens to be truly fascinating individuals.  They are going through a phase in their lives that is full of constant change and trying to successfully navigate their journey into adulthood.  Today’s teens are faced with many adult situations with a lack of life experience to help them through these situations.  Are you a teen who is feeling the pressures of everyone’s expectations of you?  Do you often find yourself responding to situations in a way that you don’t understand or that you regret?  Do you feel as though nobody really understands the struggles that you are going through?  I can help you with navigating this thing called life.

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Working with Blended Families

When we start families we often bring differing parenting styles into the family.  Couples often have time to adapt slowly to the different parenting styles and are able to find common ground together as the child grows.  Blended families don’t have the luxury of being able to slowly adapt.  The blended family is thrust into a sink or swim situation where they instantly have to try to find common ground.  Blended families are faced with having to readjust their birth order roles in the new family and can have difficulties with making these adjustments.  There are also difficulties with children struggling over attention with the new siblings that they have to compete with.  If you are experiencing struggles with blending your family and could use some assistance, I can assist you.  I am a member of a blended family and understand the struggles and rewards that come with being in a blended family.  I can help you and your family through the process of blending.

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